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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Daily video/Candidate tracker: Obama on undocumented workers

Sen. Barack Obama on the campaign trail in Laconia, N.H. yesterday.


Jill said...

Oh, how I love this man! He represents the better half of America.

tyler moore said...

Obama's proposal to have undocumented workers earn their legal status after 10 years during which they pay taxes, learn English, etc. is something I can see everyone willing to compromise to. Even you, Maryst, have to see a bit of light in this.

MaryST said...

Nope, not interested. We gave amnesty in 1986 and then we had seven more "rolling amnesties" since then which legalized millions of more violaters of our sovereignty. In each case the Mexicans did not respect our generosity, say thanks and desist, but simply demanded more, more, more.

Regarding plans to give amnesty in exchange for paying taxes and learning English, you realize that such requirements would never be enforced? La Raza and LULAC scream bloody murder when we try to deport even habitual criminals with a string of DUIs. Do you think they are going to allow us to deport someone who didn't learn English? I can just see the boilerplate sob stories in the MSM now. "Pedrito was a good worker who supported his family of six and never missed Mass on Sunday. But now the mean old US government wants to deport him just because he didn't learn to speak English. . ."

Same with taxes. No illegal alien tax dodge is ever going to be deported as long as La Raza is on the case.

I prefer Pete Townsend of the Who who summed it up much better than Obama: "We won't get fooled again."