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Monday, June 25, 2007

What's the difference between "S.1348" and "S.1639"?

Commenter Ultima asked a good question in response to an earlier post:
There is another bill out there with a different title and a different number S.1639. Aside from the title, the bill looks almost identical to S.1348. What's going on here? Is this another form of Kennedy treachery? Can MATT explain this development and the relationship between these two bills?
As far as we can tell, S.1639, introduced by Senators Kennedy and Specter on June 18, is essentially the same bill as S.1348. Apparently, it will replace S.1348 and be the one discussed on the Senate floor from here on out. It will be read into the Senate calendar this Wednesday. At that point, we are sure to know more about S.1639 and its relationship to S.1348.

*UPDATE*: We found the PDF of the S.1639 bill.

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